Rediscover, Take Control, Shape Destiny, Enhance Success, Seek Breakthroughs And Turn Odds Into Your Favour With GWF Feng Shui Consultancy 金运风水

About Destiny

Discover your destiny with Feng Shui. Fate will often dictate the type of life you lead if you never put yourself in the path of greatness. Destiny is about what you create for yourself and Fate is when you fail to create your own destiny. GWF Feng Shui Consultancy can assist you to discover and manage this journey with appropriate changes, adjustments and enhancements.

About Breakthrough

Breakthrough with Feng Shui. Regardless of which part of the world, nationalities, cultures, languages and believes, everyone can benefit from Feng Shui. You can leverage on GWF Feng Shui Consultancy to manage, enhance, shape, improve and take control of your life journey; promote better living and complement one’s efforts for greater achievements and successes.

About Competitive Edge

Strengthen the business competitive edge. This is about finding the ideal premise, starting a new business, renovating, restructuring, seeking opportunities to grow and scale up or weathering downturns and crisis. GWF Feng Shui Consultancy helps create a competitive edge for your Business, Office, Commercial Establishment, Retail and Service Setup and Events with Feng Shui.


GWF Feng Shui Consultancy takes great pride in the quality of our services whether it is on-site or online as well as during and after the consultation. We are dedicated to provide the most appropriate and best advise and guidance to our valued customers. As part of our service convenience to clients, GWF Feng Shui Consultancy provides both onsite and online Feng Shui services in the following areas:

1. Commercial And Business Feng Shui Consultation

2. Residential Feng Shui Consultation

3. International Feng Shui Consultation

4. International Feng Shui Property & Site Selection

5. Bazi Consultation

6. Auspicious Date Selections

7. Online Bazi Consultation

8. Online Residential Feng Shui Consultation

9. Online International Feng Shui Property & Site Selection

10. Online Auspicious Date Selections

11. Online Bazi Consultation For Pets