Commercial, Business & Retail Feng Shui Consultation

Equip Your Business With Feng Shui To Reap Better Performance

GWF Feng Shui Consultancy provides on-site Commercial and Business Feng Shui Consultation for Offices, Commercial Properties, Factories, Retail Set-ups, Service Establishments, Events, etc.


Whether it is finding the ideal premise, starting up of a new business, a newly set-up corporation, a well-established organization, planning to restructure, planning to renovate, seeking opportunities to grow and expand, Master William Chay is here to assist you.

Good Business Feng Shui can enhance the positive Qi, creates a harmonious, conducive and positive working environment, reduces and eliminates negative energy within the office, increase productivity and day-to-day operations, and encourage influx of greater business opportunities.

Leveraging on the opportunity to do a comprehensive Feng Shui audit can facilitate management to make forward planning and make informed decisions that will benefit the business. This will improve management’s decision making process, ensure the business moves in the right direction, make the right choices, etc. All these will create an edge to enhancing your business performances.

Commercial, Business & Retail Feng Shui Consultation

A full Commercial/Business/Retail Feng Shui audit by our principal consultant involves:

  • A thorough professional Feng Shui site survey
  • Our Principal Consultant advising the client on the overall lavout plan
  • Analvsis of client’s birth data and the construction of Bazi report
  • Bazi analysis for all the key personnel, if required
  • Analysis of property interior
  • Recommendations of enhancements and changes to take place
  • Selection of auspicious date for business opening ceremony
  • Recommendations of other auspicious dates and times
  • Review of plans after changes have been made
  • Summary report of completed audit
  • Within three months upon completion of the necessary adjustments or moving-in conduct an overall review

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For all Commercial, Business and Retail Feng Shui needs, please schedule an onsite face-to-face session with Master William Chay. It is always prudent to conduct a professional Feng Shui assessment as early as possible. For clients that engage us to conduct overseas Feng Shui consultations, audits, assignments and projects outside Singapore, all travel and accommodation expenses will be borne and fulfilled by the client.