International Feng Shui Consultation

From Any Part Of The World You Can Harness & Benefit From Feng Shui

GWF Feng Shui Consultancy provides on-site International Feng Shui consultations, audits, assignments and projects outside Singapore. These include commercial, business, residential consultations and any other Feng Shui consultations, assignments and projects as requested and agreed on.

Importance of International Feng Shui

Regardless of nationalities, cultures, languages and believe, you can harness and benefit from Feng Shui. Whether it is in finding the ideal business premise, starting up of a new business, a newly set-up corporation, a well-established organization, planning to renovate, planning to restructure, seeking opportunities to grow and expand. On the Residential front, it could be finding the ideal home premise and preparing to renovate. You could be going through difficult times and want to remedy the situation, encouraging harmonious relations in the household or workplace, enhancing wealth, health, career, relationship and academic pursuits. Anyone can utilise Feng Shui to promote better living and to complement and supplement ones effort for greater achievements and successes.

International Feng Shui Consultation

Sign up for an on-site full Feng Shui consultations, audits, assignments and projects outside of Singapore with Master William Chay, today. You will receive:

  • A thorough professional Feng Shui site survey
  • Advises on overall layout plans conducted personally by our Principal Consultant
  • Analvsis of client’s birth data and construction of Bazi report
  • Bazi analysis for all the key personnel or household members, if required
  • Analysis of property interior
  • Recommendations of enhancements and changes to take place
  • Selection of auspicious date for business opening ceremony
  • Recommendations of auspicious dates and times
  • Review of plans after changes have been made
  • Summary report of completed audit

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When clients engage us to conduct overseas Feng Shui consultations, audits, assignments and projects outside Singapore, all travel and accommodation expenses will be borne and fulfilled by the client.