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Period of Nine Feng Shui / 细谈九运风水

Are You Ready For Period of Nine? In the Year of the Dragon and on the 4th February 2024, the world has crossed-over to a new period in Feng Shui.  This period is known as Period 9. This transformation will bring about significant changes, opportunities, threats, new strengths and weaknesses to our lives, our immediate surroundings and the global environment. Why is this new cycle important? Who will do well in the next 20 years? Which industries will emerge as the leading force? How can one benefit from the Period of Nine? Let’s find out more from this segment.

你有准备好怎么迎接“九”吗? 2024年,2月4日, 龙年,也是九运的正式开始。这個转变将为我们的生活、周围环境和全球环境带来重大变化、机遇、威胁、新的优势和劣势。为何九运如此重要?未来20年谁会走运?哪些行业将成为主导力量?如何从中受益?如何加持自己的运势? 让我们从这片段中了解更多吧。

Part One: What Is Period of Nine / 什么是九运
Part Two: Who Will Benefit From Period of Nine / 九运的到来,谁将从中受益
Part Three: Which Industries Will Benefit From Period of Nine / 九运的到来,哪些行业将受益
Part Four: How To Benefit From Period of Nine / 进入九运,要如何从中受益