Online Bazi Consultation For Pets

Enhance Your Pet’s Life Destiny With Online Bazi

For international or Singapore clients, Golden Wisdom Feng Shui Consultancy provides Online Bazi Consultation for Pets.

Importance of Bazi Consultation For Pets

Bazi reading is also applicable to animals. Bazi also known as the birthdate Bazi or the four pillars of life, is derived from the day the animal is born. Bazi is derived from the Year, Month, Day and Time of birth. Like any living things, animals are influenced by the five elements, chi or energies, the surrounding environment and Ying Yang balance.

All animal lovers or pet owners will understand how precious their pet is to them. Very often, the pet also becomes an integral part of the family and home. As such, most pet lovers will like to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of their pets. It is not only about having food to eat, going for daily walks or having playtime together. Pet lovers will want to understand the characteristics of their pets, how healthy are they, what diet is suitable, a review of the pet’s life destiny and analysis and receives suggestions for changes, adjustments, prevention and enhancements. It lets pet owners know if they are on the right track in the way they are taking care of their pets. In this way, you will be able to make forward planning, more informed choices and decisions that will benefit your pets.

Basic Bazi For Pets

The Basic Online Bazi Consultation For Pets will provide you with beneficial details and information such as your pet’s profile, the preferred element constitution, favourable lifestyle configurations, health, challenges, relationship with owner, etc. By reviewing and harnessing the information, making adjustments and forecasting changes, the Pet’s owner will be able to better plan and manage the Pet’s life journey forward, how to better upkeep the Pet’s lifestyle, take preventions from undesirable happenings and manoeuvre with less obstacles and challenges.

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Client to provide the Birth Year, Month, Day and Time (it is still possible to do the Basic Bazi for Pets without the information on time of birth). The Basic Bazi Review will be provided in PDF format and will be sent to you via email/WhatsApp/etc. You can choose the report in either the English or Chinese language.